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A Highly-Regarded Intellectual Property Law Firm in the Philippines

Aumento IP Law Firm is a highly-regarded intellectual property law firm in the Philippines composed of lawyers, trademark attorneys, registered patent agents and IP specialists who are equipped with expertise gained from years of experience in the field of intellectual property law.   The firm offers the entire range of IP-related services, representing satisfied international and local clients.  The firm has ably represented clients in trademark registration and patent registration in the Philippines, which are among the firm’s core IP services.

The firm’s registered patent agents are highly adept at all facets of patent work which include all preparatory requirements such as drafting of specifications, abstracts and claims, including conducting patent searches and Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis.  The patent experts can handle direct and PCT national phase patent registrations, including industrial design and utility model registration, in the Philippines.  The firm’s patent registration and renewals services provide clients efficient and cost-effective options, which are otherwise not possible with other IP law firms in the Philippines.

A good IP firm is anchored by a solid trademarks team, and Aumento IP Law Firm is proud to claim that it has one of the best trademarks units among intellectual property firms in the Philippines.  Its trademarks unit, which is composed of experts in trademark registration work in the Philippines, are proficient at managing trademark portfolios for clients, assisting them in filing trademark applications, maintaining trademark registrations and filing renewals and Declarations of Actual Use (DAUs).  The team is also able to handle Madrid filings for clients who need international trademark registration.

The lawyers of the firm, meanwhile, are highly skilled in handling trademark opposition, cancellation, and other inter pares cases before the Bureau of Legal Affairs (BLA) of the Intellectual Property Office (IPOPHL).  The IP lawyers of the firm also manages enforcement and anti-counterfeiting actions for clients.

A Partner in Protecting Your Intellectual Property

One of the primary strengths of Aumento IP Law Firm is formulating strong, effective and efficient intellectual property strategies for IP clients, taking into account the peculiarities of the intellectual property landscape in the Philippines.  The firm is aware that intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models and copyrights are valuable assets which must be protected and enforced.  To this end, Aumento IP Law Firm helps clients in the registration of their trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models and copyrights, meanwhile guiding them to cheap yet effective courses of action and strategies.

We Deliver Timely and Efficient Service

Aumento IP Law Firm firmly believes in earning clients’ trust through excellent service and exceptional care. Towards this end, the firm always aims to deliver timely and efficient service to its clients, which the firm is able to achieve through its highly competent and vastly experienced legal and technical staff.  Always aware of the value of intellectual property rights to clients and their significance as key business assets, the professionals of Aumento IP Law Firm strive to be highly responsive to the needs of clients without sacrificing the quality of its service.  The registration of intellectual property is key to their protection, hence, the firm endeavors to help client register their trademarks, patents, industrial designs and utility models in the Philippines as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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